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The Photos

My photos are all about the beauty in nature and our environment. Sometimes this is an entirely natural environment and other times it is "man-made".

My main interest is in gardens, waterscapes and interior and exterior decorative styles.


The following gallery shows photos taken in Paris, Provence and the Italian Mediterranean. You can see a variety of styles from the formal to the casual. Everywhere you see a wonderful sense of style. The colors are superb, whether bright and eye-catching, or subdued and subtle.

Eating, living, designing, composing, creating are all done with style. Style with a capital "S".

Provence I
Olive tree and spring flowers
Provence II
Olive trees and lemon trees
Provence III
So many kinds of olives
Avignon Market I
Artichokes and asparagus
Avignon Market II
Avignon Market III
Green olives
Paris I
Paris parterre
Paris II
Permanent graffiti
Paris III
Metro in every way
Decor I
Decorated columns
Decor II
Colourful signs at the market
Decor III
Exquiste silk furnishings
Villa Hanbury I
Flowering at Villa Hanbury, Italian mediterranean
Villa Hanbury II
Villa and antique pot
Villa Hanbury III
Layered plantings

Euro Chic Style

France and Italy are centres of style. For a long time we have been told that Paris is the epitome of fashion. More recently Italy has been regarded as being stylish. Over the centuries wealthy patrons have encouraged the development of refined interiors to complement architecture in their garden settings. Portugal has a glorious past which informs the current style. It has exquisite architecture and lovely gardens. There is a sense of grandeur to be found there. As well there is a plethora of wonderful modern architecture.

Europe is a treasure trove of Euro Chic. In my gallery above you see photos of Euro Chic Style in Portugal, France and Italy.

The emphasis is on both interior and exterior style. It's a way to express taste in the choice of buildings; the way to decorate interiors; and the way gardens complement and harmonize with the buildings.


I continually educate my eye through seeking out beautiful photos and paintings. The photos speak for themselves.

If you would like to know more about my photography email me at the address below.