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What I Do

* Photograph subjects to show their natural beauty

* Integrate natural and constructed elements in the photos

Black & White

I must say that though I love colour, I really love black and white photos. I think they have a stronger emotional pull. High contrast photos feel very structural to me and show a kind of architectural strength.

Square Format

Square is my favourite format for photos. This probably comes from having square format cameras for my first cameras. As a result, I continue to favour photos with a square aspect ratio.

Film & Digital

Whether the photos are made on film or digital cameras, they appeal to me in the same way. As a result I would like to show you my current square format, black and white photos.

A Pioneer

A pioneer
Etched in sandstone

Urban Art

Urban art
Where are you going?


Museum of Contempory Art
Bowl upon bowl

Rainy Day

A rainy day
Not a day for the beach


I prefer to photograph the following subjects: gardens, water views, decor, architecture and urban art.


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