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Provence I
Spring flowers


Provence II
Olive and lemon trees


Paris I
Paris parterre

Villa Hanbury

Villa Hanbury I
Flowering greenery

The Photos

My photos are all about the beauty in nature and our environment. Sometimes this is an entirely natural environment and other times it is "man-made".


The following gallery shows photos taken in Paris, Provence and the Italian Riviera. You can see a variety of styles from the formal to the casual.

Euro Chic

Europe is a treasure trove of Euro Chic. In my gallery above you see photos of Euro Chic Style in France and Italy. The emphasis is on both interior and exterior style.

Taste and Style

It's a way to express taste in the choice of buildings; the way to decorate interiors; and the way gardens complement and harmonize with the buildings.

What I Do

*Photograph gardens to show their natural beauty

*Integrate natural and constructed elements in the photos

*Prefer to get the photo right in-camera so there is no need for post-production


My main interest is in gardens, waterscapes and interior + exterior decorative styles.

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